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Interview with Anwar Choudhury

22 de Febrero, 2018

After a successful period in Peru, British Ambassador Anwar Choudhury leaves the country and gives his last interview to BRITÁNICO.

How do you feel after more than three years in Peru?

I’m extremely sad to be leaving. It’s been a wonderful three and a half years. It’s not just me who feels sad; my family feels the same, my wife and two children. It’s been a busy three and a half years. We’ve done lots, but it’s the friendship and the embrace that we’ve enjoyed from the Peruvian people that I’m going to miss the most.


What are the best memories that you take with you?

Oh! That’s too hard, because there are so many…

The work we have done with BRITÁNICO has been fabulous. All these lovely students that I’ve met, at certificate ceremonies - I think up to a thousand. That was very good.

I think also working for Peruvian children, doing blood donation campaigns, giving solar energy to people in the mountains – those are highlights.

Just simply having so much fun with my staff here at the Embassy! All the interactions that we’ve had with Peruvian people and the government, the visits to Machu Picchu, Arequipa, Iquitos, all that is wonderful.

At the Queen’s Birthday Party - now the biggest party in Lima - everybody comes together, all our friends, businesses, everybody. I really enjoy that.

I think I´ll take away with me many, many memories. It’s totally impossible and unfair to pick one, it would not do justice.

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